MARYSVILLE GOLF COURSE 2020 SW Allen  Corvallis, Oregon
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Mode and Babe Hoselton originally owned a saw mill for about 15 years in Corvallis they sold it and retired. Babe wanted the 74 acre parcel that was for sale and she told Mode "I want it". So they bought it. It wasen't really being used for anything special, so there friends started yelling "Golf Course"!  Neither of them knew anything about golf but decided to build one anyways. Mode and Babe Hoselton built this 9 hole course back in 1950's. They ran the course with son's Deveen Landergen and grandson Doug Hoselton. To this day it is still in the same family and ran by Doug and Mona Hoselton and  Ted and Debbie Sofich. I am thankful that they didnt sell it because as of now it has been in the family for 4 generations!! That does not happen much these days.